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Friday, April 30, 2010

Comfort food

Hey all,

So sorry to have been missing for a while but I had to have my appendix out last Saturday and I have been recuperating  at home with my mom and my Murphy at my side.  After being on a liquid diet for 4 days (tea, juice, broth, repeat) I was finally able to eat something substantial on Weds... scrambled egg with american cheese.  It was possibly the best egg and cheese I've ever had. The next day was also a cheesy day for us (cheese always = comfort in my book) and mom and I decided to make mac and cheese. To feel better about gorging ourselves with more fromage, we decided to make broccoli mac & cheese from mom's Good Housekeeping magazine.  It came out pretty darn good!  I think I might add something next time to give it a little more "oomph" - maybe some sauteed onion or a shot of hot sauce.  We made ours with whole grain pasta for another health boost.   This time I needed mild and I got mild, with a side of green veggies. 

On another note, I really missed going to class this week, I heard from my classmate and Chef that our team made a carrot souffle and shrimp and grits.  Looking forward to getting back to the grind next Tuesday.

Chow for now! :)

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