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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Soul (and the Body)


I have had another minor health setback but am on the mend.  Two surgeries in as many weeks have left me in a food funk...craving everything from mentos (the freshmaker) to meatballs and everything in between.  But doctor's orders require that I stick with mild (aka boring) until I am better.

The most gourmet food I've been able to eat in the last 10 days has been my dad's delicious homemade chicken soup. He makes his chicken stock using a freshly fabricated chicken, chopped veggies (mirepoix) and lots of yummy herbs and spices.  Once that is done, he pours the stock through cheesecloth and uses it as the base for the soup.  He makes his soup with matzo balls but it can also be made with rice or noodles. Kind of interesting timing as I am catching up on the Stocks and Sauces chapter of my culinary text. 

Chicken soup has always been known to help with colds...maybe it's the steam and the warm broth hitting your sore throat, but it really is a balanced meal with meat, vegetables, grains and lots of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.  I can see why it would help "heal" any malady.  I found an article on that explains the scientific facts behind "What Grandma knew all along..."

Now that I am home, I am doing my best to eat well and get back on my feet.  My nutrition class has helped me to balance out my meals so that I am not just eating from one or two food groups.  Hopefully I will be able to finish up my last couple weeks of classes starting on Thursday night.  I miss the people and the food.

What is your favorite meal to eat when you are sick (and have an appetite)?    Please share!

Chow for Now. :)


  1. Nummy nummy. What a great dad, making you some healing soup! When I'm sick, I let myself eat WHATEVER sounds good. Usually involves lots of bread and bananas. xo

  2. I always got wonton soup for the same chicken soup reasons. mY mother used to swear the antidote for a hangover was speaghetti for breakfast the next day. who knows. Comfort food: whatever comforts you. could be jujufruits, icecream or beef stew. a conbination of texture and memory.