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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Farmers market finds for the week!

This morning I went to the Studio City Farmer's market because my fruit and veggie supply was getting low and I really wanted some fall apples and other ingredients to make some yummy fall recipes.  Here are today's finds:

Starting at 6 o'clock on the photo above and going clockwise I bought leeks and potatoes to make a comforting potato and leek soup, fragrant sage to use with some already purchased butternut squash to make an autumnal butternut squash risotto, crunchy sugar snap peas to eat as is as a snack or to add extra crunch in a salad.   From Arnett Farms (the best farm stand in town for stone fruits, figs, apples and citrus), I chose emerald drop pluots (pale green plum-apricot hybrids) that are sweet and delicious for a morning or afternoon snack and crisp gala apples to eat with peanut butter or perhaps turn into a baked dessert.  Next I picked up sweet strawberries to slice over oatmeal with some walnuts for a heart-healthy breakfast, delicate squash blossoms to serve stuffed with herbs, garlic and goat cheese, breaded, then pan fried until crunchy and melty, and finally, my favorite find (and most expensive at $20/lb), a small lobster mushroom from LA funghi.  I overheard someone from the market telling a customer to saute them in butter for 2-3 minutes to get the going, then to add diced or thinly sliced shallots to finish them off.  I think I will try that.  These mushrooms are a gorgeous orange/red color, and apparently have a slightly "marine" flavor like that of a lobster.  Should be an interesting side dish!

Do you have any fall farmer's market favorites to share?  please feel free to do so right here!

Chow for Now! :)

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