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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday parties and brand new website!!

Wow - I've been gone for 2 1/2 weeks.... Guess I've been busy!To start, class is over... had an A going into the final so I feel pretty good about that. While I was finishing up school I was busy! I have been working on my website along with creative website and branding geniuses, Jennifer Zappia and Margaret Mak. The combination of their professional and creative expertise and my food photos and descriptions will hopefully get people's mouths watering! Check my site out for yourself! Http:// If you or someone you know is in the LA area or vacationing in Big Bear for a weekend, contact me and I'd be thrilled to cook for you!In addition to personal chefing I am also helping to cook for small parties. My chef partner in crime, Mandy, helped me with my first party last Saturday... it went really well and client and guests seemed to really enjoy the food! It was an hors d'oeuvre and wine/holiday themed martini party and the house was really beautiful. I started everyone off with a beautiful cheese and charcuterie platter:
My hors d'oeuvre menu included:
Carrot and coriander soup shots
Blue cheese and walnut stuffed dates
Tuna tartare on wonton crisps
Tomato, mozzarella and pesto on garlic toasts
Lamb meatballs with a mint yogurt sauce
Carrot soup shots
Tomato, mozzarella and pesto with balsamic reduction on garlic toasts
Desserts included:
Coconut laddus
Green tea Christmas tree cookies
Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everything due to the chaos of setting up, but it was a beautiful display of food.  In fact we made more food than necessary so my client got to keep some leftovers.  I have to say - this experience introduced me to a bunch of new (to me) grocery stores including 99 Ranch and Super King which carry Asian and "International/Middle Eastern" foods, respectively.  It was truly eye opening...and I look forward to shopping at both markets again under less pressure. :)
Mandy was a huge help and kept me focused when I was feeling "all over the place"... it's so lovely to find a partner to work with who you can read your mind and really get things done!  Thanks again, Chef Mandy!
I am so looking forward to more parties and meeting with future clients to get my business rolling.
A gift certificate to Chow for Now makes a great gift for new parents or a friend that might be working too hard and eating poorly as a result.  It's also a romantic gesture for a loved one - perhaps a special occasion dinner for two?  I am also making my way up to Big Bear pretty regularly - would be happy to help make your vacation even better by providing a picnic basket of goodies, dinner for two or six!
Looking forward to talking with more of you!


  1. It was my PLEASURE. You are the best chef partner in crime in the universe. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings! How soon do you think Ian can be our sous chef??? xoxo

  2. Lisa - congratulations on your new adventures! I had to laugh about this post, as i am also a fan of Super King and would gladly meet you there anytime (as an east coast transplant, I am obsessed with the amazing asian markets in LA)