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Monday, February 15, 2010

school of life

I decided to get this blog going as a result of big time pressure from family, friends and fellow bloggers (thanks Ellen!). I'd like to spread my culinary knowledge as I take cooking and nutrition classes and start my personal chef business!

Up until today, my food-related education came from the "school of life:" reading lots of cook books , watching Ina, Bobby and Giada on The Food Channel to the extent where they invaded my dreams, and taking an occasional Hip Cooks class in LA.

Tomorrow, I begin a new food adventure when I start classes in the culinary program at Glendale Community College. I am picturing my first day to be similar to the first day of school when I was 13... i'll wear a new outfit, hope that someone nice talks to me, and pray I don't answer incorrectly when a teacher asks me a question! Attending classes with students half my age...should add a whole other layer of craziness!

I was unable to formally register for classes, as all were full by the time I was able to login and register online. Lucky for me I had a great meeting with the director of the Culinary department. He was convinced I'd be able to get into the classes that I'd like just by meeting with each of the three professors a few minutes before each class begins. We shall see. I plan on taking a production/skills course (part lecture, part kitchen work - learning how to wield a knife, and braise, saute and roast just about anything), a nutrition course (to help me cook for LA-based dieters of all kinds) and a food safety and sanitation course (to prove to all that I will not leave raw chicken breast out of the fridge for 8 hours).

I went to Target today to buy a 5 subject notebook and some pens. My stomach has butterflies already. Wish me luck!

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