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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rainy days can be inspiring!

Ahhh... there is nothing like making comfort food on a rainy/snowy/cold day (are you feeling me NY?).  I know, I can't typically complain about the weather. I am living in LA LA land, after all, but today it's raining.  Although it's only 10:40 am, I already have cabin fever.  But going out in the rain means dealing with LA drivers who can't figure out how to drive in this weather.  So what does one do?  Make comfort food!!

I started the day by skipping my usual healthy morning smoothie and went to the opposite end of the spectrum:  ham, egg and cheese on an english muffin and a great cup (or two) of Dunkin Donuts coffee (made in my coffee maker since they haven't figured out how many people want them to open up in LA!!). 

I think I might try some new recipes today as well.  I just got a 13x9 inch cake pan at Marshalls yesterday and might make a sheet cake (!) as a practice run for my sister's baby shower coming up in a few weeks.  Neighbors watch out - I'm bringing over some sweets for you to try!!

Dinner should be fun to figure out too...oh, maybe I'll start a slow cooker beef stew.  Mmmmmmm.

What is your favorite comfort food to make?  What do you do on cold rainy/snowy days to pass the time?

Stay warm and dry!

Chow for now!  :)

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