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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best career choice EVER!

As I sit here eating devouring a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with left over rocky road fudge (yes) from last night's event, I am recapping the night in my head and can't think of a single thing that went wrong.  Of course, I am speaking of my VERY FIRST CATERING JOB! 

My new friend and fellow personal chef, Mandy, graciously asked me to co-chef this party with her, of course I accepted and after talking shop with her I knew this would be a great experience.  She did not disappoint.  Mandy also brought along two other wonderful, talented women to help prepare the twelve apps (including dessert) for a party of about 60.  The four of us were Team Awesome.  I can't help but cheer about it, it was just such a great experience which totally reinforced my decision to get into a food-related career.

Mandy blogged about it today and included all of our pics so I won't write too much - you can take a look at her blog here to find the list of appetizers, more about the catering love fest and great pics from the day. I'll just say that all the food came out great (including my bbq beef and chicken kabobs).  I was nominated to be the grill chef and I felt fantastic about it. It must be in my genes because my aunt Jo is a fabulous grill master. 

A couple of pics below... I look forward to working again with these talented ladies.  I also cannot wait to get my personal chef business going.  Tick tock - the time is now!

Who wants to hire me?  Come on, don't be shy!

Chow for Now! :)


  1. Love it! And I broiled the leftover meat, thanks to you. So. Full. xoxo

  2. so happy for you, Lisa!! You go, (grillin) girl!!

  3. Congrats on your first Pro job! What a wonderful spread. I'd sit through a business presentation to be allowed to feast on all that. Go girl!