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Saturday, June 12, 2010

They used to call me Lisa Pizza...and I know why.

Because I LOVE PIZZA.  If I was told I'd only be allowed one meal to have for the rest of my life it would be pizza.  Specifically NY style (thin crust, sweet salty tomato sauce, gooey mozzerella cheese, slightly browned top, with a crust that tastes amazing on its own).  Those who know Gino's in Long Beach, NY would understand exactly what I crave.

I've tried in the last year to make pizzas from scratch.  I used to do the Boboli crust, jarred sauce, packaged mozzerella which will do fine when you want pizza but I want PIZZA.  When I want good pizza, I make a homemade yeast crust and a homemade sauce, and get some delicious bococcini or other mozz soaking in water, and I saute mushrooms and garlic and add fresh herbs and spices and good olive oil.  And it tastes... pretty good.  More often, I go to my sister, Jenn and brother in law Nat's house and bring wine, lots of wine, and Nat makes a pizza that I have not figured out how to recreate.

This week while staying at their house and hanging with the new baby, we started discussing pizza.  Nat jumped at the chance to cook dinner for a change and made two really delicious pies.  One was all veggie (spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes), no sauce, no cheese (but lots of amazing flavor!), and another with lots of cheese, sauce and prosciutto.  Both were amazing PIZZAS. 

I don't know what he does to make it so good, maybe it just comes with practice but my crust never tastes as good as his.  Some pics of the amazing pies:

My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Do you have a good recipe for pizza dough?  What about a favorite pizza joint that you love to visit?  Please share!

Chow for now!  :)

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  1. my pizza dough is always eh, so i go and buy dough at a pizza place. it's usually $3-4 for a large pie sized blob. there was a place in humboldt that had the dough right, but the sauce wrong. that way i could make the PIZZA RIGHT!! my favorite is garlic, spinach, brie and prosciutto, yummy!